I’m not an accomplished writer. I don’t travel the world at whim. I refuse to talk about myself in the third person. I’ve never mountain climbed, canoed the Amazon, or shot a world class photograph while taking a smoke break astride a vintage Moto Guzzi café racer somewhere just outside of Paris. If you’re looking for that hero, keep surfing: you’ll find him several times in the next ten minutes or so.

Me? I’m just a regular guy who’s made mistakes and paid for them. I’m old, a bit jaded, and find myself slave to a few chronic illnesses. Kansas is home and always will be. My wife and I love and care for a son who has pair of disabling conditions. And, if I interpret The Divine Plan correctly and finances hold, it appears I’m slated to end up a crazy cat person. These are the filters that color my perception of life and influence my writing.

The purpose of this blog is to share the experience of life through verse; I hope you’ll join me as I observe, marvel, reminisce, laugh, vent, scream, and stand humbled. Unless otherwise cited, all words and images on this site are of my own creation. I’m quite open to sharing my work – in fact, I’d be flattered to – but please be courteous and credit me appropriately.

Welcome, my name is Lee. Feel free to introduce yourself.

Lee Samuels