Tanka -6-

by Lee

                            train, fridge, and furnace

                            noises mix in the darkness

                                    a presence sensed

                            an energy in ether

                            asking for acknowledgement

                            ~ ~ ~ ~

                            © Lee Samuels

                            ~ ~ ~ ~

Two souls occupied our house before us: an older woman with [respectfully] mental health issues, and a very quiet Native American gentleman who was her caregiver. The older woman lived in the house her entire life; a couple of years ago, she died here as well.

The old woman was a hoarder, a cat-lady, and the last of her kind. The house was bought cheap as part of an estate and the new, out-of-state owner forced the Native American caregiver to move out: even though he had nowhere to go.

We lived across the street for six years prior to July. After the old woman passed and he was forced out the caregiver stopped to talk to me a couple of times – as he lapped the block endlessly on his bicycle. He cried openly those times, but didn’t say much . . . only that he was sad about how things had turned out. After about six moths of this I never saw him again.

After the out-of-state owner had five dumpsters of “prized possessions” hauled off, his builders took the house down to the bones, rebuilt the original parts, and added on new rooms. We watched this unfold from across the street . . . and began to covet what we saw.

A large family beat us to the house. They occupied the house for a year and a half and were very hard on it; we don’t hold this against them because they were kind enough to clue us in on the fact that they were moving the house we coveted would be up for lease soon. We jumped on that information and no one else got a chance at the house!

There is an energy here: who it belongs to, the old woman, the caregiver – or the house itself – I don’t know. Honestly, it hasn’t been frightening or troublesome, but its presence ‘has’ been unsettling at times. As I was afraid to spook my wife, I didn’t talk about it much until recently. However, I have noticed that my acknowledgment of this energy has made me feel less apprehensive of it.

Perhaps acknowledgement is all it wants. . . .