Resume Play

by Lee

Lee Samuels

I apologize for the long absence; we moved at the end of June and my brain, body, and soul were needed elsewhere.

*     *     *

A change of housing was not part of our summer agenda – definitely not something that was in our budget. (You know what they say about plans.) With no exception that I can think of at this moment, the process of this particular move – battling a hateful-assed old landlord and the legal system, conjuring money out of thin air, behaving like everything was alright when it wasn’t, praying for mercy and receiving it, the physical move itself and the weeks of chaos afterward – was the most draining experience I’ve ever had. I’m not just spewing drama when I say that my physical stamina and sanity were pushed to barely this side of their respective limits.

But we’re in a better place now.

The house we moved to, double the size and triple the land of the old one, is a bit wild and will require years of taming. It will demand a huge percentage of my time and energy. With that said, the drive to write has returned and I don’t think it wise to ignore it.

Thanks for your patience. I intend to begin posting again tomorrow.